Why Hillary's choice for Supreme Court will be very bad for us: Senator Chuck Schumer, a liberal Democrat from NY, said that his “number one goal” is to see a progressive Supreme Court. What does progressive mean?  More and more it means secular and godless. He wants a court with judges like the unjust judge in the Bible who did not fear God. A progressive Court will be no friend to the Christian faith. A progressive Court does things like overruling 31 states and creating same-sex marriage. A progressive Court feels free to ignore the Constitution and create new law out of thin air. The Court Senator Schumer envisions would be devastating for the future of America. We desperately need judges in this nation who fear God and have reverence for His standards.  No matter what the media wants you to think, the upcoming presidential election is not about personalities, tone, taxes, or emails. Schumer is right about one thing—this election is about the Supreme Court. Donald J. Trump has released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees and we have those posted for you at www.decisionelectionguide.com as you research and pray. It would be helpful if Hillary Clinton would release her list to help us all become more informed, and we would include her list on our site as well.