USA Today warns that the Supreme Court of the United States will undergo a transformation as a result of who wins this presidential election and who the next president appoints to the court. The direction of the nation literally hangs in the balance. The law professor quoted in this article is right about one thing—“You don’t get many opportunities like this…This will be a unique and precious moment.” The article reports, “A victory by Hillary Clinton would…shake the foundations of the court’s marble palace, leading to its first liberal majority since the Vietnam era. Donald J. Trump's election, on the other hand, would continue and perhaps even advance conservative control for decades to come.” The important issues of Abortion, Affirmative Action, Death Penalty, Election Law, Executive Power, Gun Control, and Religious Freedoms are all included as those that will be impacted by the Supreme Court appointments. Read more in this link and consider as you pray about who to vote for in November. You have to decide which candidate would nominate judges that you feel are best for America’s future. This is why it is so critical that we all vote.