Dear Compatriots:
The 2016 United States presidential election is less than 40 Days away. As the future President will appoint
3-5 justices of the Supreme Court, who serve life term. This election will determine the future of United States for the next 30 years!
In the past, most Chinese Americans supported the Democratic Party.  This year, history will be rewritten!
As we all know, left-wing Democratic Party has been in office for 8 Years. During the Obama administration, The United States national debt more than doubled, economy recovered weakly, poverty increased substantially, law and order deteriorated, racial clashes worsened, and terrorist attacks occurred frequently. 
Chinese American cannot tolerate the Democratic Party efforts of affirmative action. Due to affirmative action, many excellent Chinese American students lost the opportunity to enter top universities, which further block their path to success in The United States for Chinese American. Future growth of Chinese American in The United States have had a profound negative impact!
Chinese Americans are law-abiding, peace-lovinghardworking, family oriented and have emphasis on education in their culture. Now Democrats’ far-left policies and ideas run completely contrary to Chinese American traditional values, conflicts with the fundamental interests of all Chinese American! This is really too much to bear. The Chinese Americans had to abandon the Democratic Party this year!
Witnessing what the Democratic Party have done, numerous political wisdom and farsightedness of the Chinese American stand up and publicly called for the Chinese Americans supported the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, in order to preserve the interests and values of the United States.
Mr. Trump is a successful businessman. He challenges political correctness and call upon the community to return to common sense. He bluntly pointed out that the United States now faces real problems and proposes bold solutions. He is like a hurricane sweeping the United States politics, so that the American people, who concern the fate of compatriots, see hopes in the future. In the past 15 months, wherever Mr. Trump went, the American overwhelmingly supported him. A great movement in the United States is being formed!
The good news is that,"Chinese American Support Trump" torrent have also formed. All over the United States, Chinese American Trump supporters held signs, street-sweeping votes, making phone calls, media, writing articles, participate inTrump's campaign activities, and so on. With unprecedented enthusiasm, to support the Republican candidate, wrote a new chapter in history! 
If four million Chinese American were able to unite to support Trump in this year's election, it will change the image of Chinese Americans, and will become a political force to be recognized in the political landscape in the US.
Unlike past, this year's election is not a simple left-right debate, Democrats and Republicans fight. This year's election will determine the life and death of the United States!
In the last twenty or thirty years, extreme left-wing took power across Europe. They replaced law with political correctness, use "big love" instead of facts and common sense. They promote high welfare policy of high taxes, big government. They reward being lazy, punish hard working citizensThey accommodatepamper and appeasterrorists...
Unfortunately, reality has slapped in the face of the left-wing. Just more than 20 years, all pursuing the ultra-leftist country came to an end point: France, Greece, Belgium and other countries are facing political, economic and cultural levels of crash! Paris, Brussels and other European cities, formerly heavenly beautiful, has now become the corner of hell.
Robbery, rape, drugs, unemployment, violent demonstrations, and terrorist attacks flooded those cities! It is more dangerous that Europe's pro-immigration policy has absorbed a large number of Muslim immigrants that cannot be integrated into the Christian civilization over the past decades. These Muslims with a very high birth rate rapidly grow their population is expected in the next 30 years, France and other European countries will face the destruction of the state and race!
Harsh realities in front, the ultra-leftist line and will turn the whole world into the abyss beyond redemption! Over the past eight years that Obama implemented the ultra-leftist. It has shaken the basis of the great country, The United States. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she would continue all of the far-left Obama's policiesincluding admission of millions of Muslim refugees that can not be properly vetted.The United States would follow the footsteps of France. This is not a conspiracy theory, not alarmist. Just a few days ago, and The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation said in testimony to Congress; in 2-5 years, The United States and Western Europe will experience an unprecedented terrorist attack....... Danger is approaching each one of us. 
Dear compatriots, we can clearly see, all the ultra-leftist country in the world, without an exception, will eventually degenerate to the point of failure and poverty The United States already ran in the far left of the road for 8 years. Downward trend has been apparent. It is the time for you to pull back before it is too late! In this year's election, critical moment in history, if 4 million ethnic Chinese Americanuse out our great political wisdom and courage, stand on the right side of justice and support Trump, play an active role in saving The United States, then we will be remembered in history! 
Dear fellow Chinese Americans, perhaps you need to make the most important decision in your life! Whether you have been a left-wing, right wing, or centerFor the future of The United States, for us and our children to live in a safe, stable, and prosperous nation, please on November 8, with your sacred vote, vote for the Republican candidate, Mr. Trump! The United States will return to the great times!   
Make America Great Again!
May God Bless America !
Written by Lorain Jiayang
Translated by Tao, Liwei Zhou
Co-signed by 45 deeply concerned Chinese Americans